View & Export User Favorites Data

It's often extremely important to know what content your users are engaging with more frequently and how. Since Jetboost released CMS Item Favoriting, customers have been asking for ways they can view their customers favorite data. We understand the value this adds for our customers as it can provide helpful & measurable insights for the types of content they should create or offer for better engagement and conversions.

Where to Find & Export the Data

You can access & export the favorites data for any CMS Item Favoriting Booster by tapping the edit Icon on the booster in your dashboard. Once you are in the Booster Editor, you will see "Export Data" in the left sidebar. Tap on that option to navigate to the Export Favorites Data page.

To view the data you will have the option to download a CSV file to access all your users Favorites Data in a single document. This is just the beginning, as Jetboost will expand on this area to provide more visual analytics directly inside your dashboard. As we have mentioned, we are fully aware of the possibilities and the value this adds for our customers and yours.

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