Jetboost vote counts not updating after page refresh

Are you experiencing issues where the “likes” (vote counts, total bookmarks, etc) aren’t updated after refreshing your page? If your Webflow project’s staging and live domains have been published at different times, this is most likely the root cause.

When the domains have been published at different times, Jetboost continues to update the total likes for an item in your Webflow CMS, but due to a Webflow limitation, these updated counts are not reflected on your live site.

The technical reason is that when the Webflow staging and live site are published at different times, the Webflow API only allows updates to the CMS, but does not allow publishing those updates to the live site.

According to Webflow’s documentation, this issue may arise in two scenarios:

  1. Multiple domains have been published at different times.

  2. Your staging collection schema has been altered since you last published.

Regardless of the specific scenario, the solution remains the same: republish your site to all connected domains. After doing this, your site should display the latest counts, and Jetboost will be able to once again update these counts live.

We understand the frustration this might cause and we wish there was a workaround from our end. However, any changes to alleviate this limitation would need to come from Webflow.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions or if you believe this solution isn’t applicable to the issue you’re experiencing.Thank you for using Jetboost, we’re here to support you.

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