I purchased the annual plan on accident

⚠️ These instructions are applicable only if you purchased the annual plan within the last 24 hours; beyond this timeframe, refunds cannot be issued.

If you intended to select a monthly plan but inadvertently chose an annual plan during checkout, we recognize this may involve a larger upfront financial commitment than you were prepared for. Please follow the instructions below to transition to a monthly plan.


Step 1: You will need to cancel the current annual subscription.

  1. Navigate to the Billing Page in your dashboard by hovering over your avatar in the top right corner and select "Billing" or click the link in the line above.
  2. Click the "Go to Billing portal" button in the top left to open the Stripe Billing Portal.

  1. Once you're in the Billing Portal, you will see a "Cancel Plan" button underneath the "Update Plan" button. Click that to cancel your current plan.

Step 2: Set the billing period to monthly

Navigate back to the Billing Page once again, this time making sure that the toggle for the billing period in the upper right is set to "Billed monthly" as shown below.

Step 3: Purchase the new plan

Click the "Upgrade" button on the plan you need or had previously, and complete the purchase through the Stripe portal.

Step 4: Send us an message letting us know that you've canceled the annual plan and purchased the monthly plan. We will then refund you for the annual plan purchase.

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