Is it possible to show results that match with ANY of my filters, instead of ALL filters together?

We often get questions about whether it's possible to show results that match ANY selected filters from different filter sets, rather than results that match ALL selected filters.

Understanding Filter Logic

Imagine we have three collections: Shirts, Sizes, and Colors. The Shirts collection references the Sizes and Colors collections. Using Jetboost, we create two Filter Boosters: one for Sizes and one for Colors. A Shirt might be Small, Medium, or Large, and in Black, White, or Gray.

Jetboost filters combine selected options from different filter sets using AND logic. For example, if we choose “Medium” in the Size filter set and “Black” from the Color set, Jetboost shows results that match both “Medium” AND “Black.” It won’t show results matching either “Medium” OR “Black.” 

Just remember that filters from different filter sets will always match ALL selected filters. For example, it won't return a Large Black Shirt just because the color matches “Black.”

Changing the Match Strategy

You can however change the match strategy within a single Filter Booster using a Multi-Reference field in your CMS. For instance, some Shirts may be multi-colored. Jetboost allows you to switch the Match Strategy from “ALL” to “ANY” when using a Multi-Reference field (as show below).

For example, selecting “Black” and “White” in the Color filter set with the Match Strategy set to “ANY” will show results for Shirts that are either Black OR White.


Changing the Match Strategy for individual filters is only possible with a Multi-Reference field in the CMS. Filters combined together from different filter sets will always use the “ALL” strategy.

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