What happens when my site exceeds the monthly visitor limit?

How Monthly Visitors are Calculated

To start, let’s quickly cover how Jetboost counts a “Monthly Visitor” on your websites. Jetboost only counts user sessions, not page views. A user session is counted as a visit only if the user visits a page that Jetboost is being used on.For example:

  • If a user lands on the home page of your site, which does not use Jetboost or any of its Boosters, no session is counted.
  • If the user then navigates to another page that is using Jetboost (e.g., Search, Filters), 1 visit is counted.
  • If the user then navigates to another page that also uses Jetboost, still only 1 visit is counted.

To clarify, a user session lasts as long as the visitor is on the website until they close or leave it. If they return and follow a similar process, it counts as a second visit.

Monthly Visitors are per Site

  • Each plan has a specific visitor limit.
  • Visitor limits are applied per site, not cumulatively across all your sites.

For example, if you’re on the “Core Plan” with a 50K monthly visitor limit and have 5 sites, each site gets a 50K limit independently.

If any of your site’s visitor count consistently surpasses your current plan’s limit, we’ll work with you to upgrade to a higher plan based on the highest visitor count among your sites.

Exceeding the Monthly Visitor Limit

When your site exceeds the monthly visitor limit, don’t worry—Jetboost has you covered.  We won’t automatically upgrade your plan, so there are no surprise charges or overages. Instead, our support team will contact you to discuss upgrading to a plan that fits your needs. Your site will remain fully functional during this transition.

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