How do I add/remove sites in my Jetboost account?

If you need to add or remove sites in your Jetboost Dashboard, you'll need to reselect which Webflow projects in your account Jetboost has access to.

IMPORTANT: Every time you do this, you must select every project that you want Jetboost to have access to. So, if you have 3 sites on your Jetboost dashboard, and you want to add a fourth, you must reselect all 4 sites. Alternatively, you can give Jetboost access to all projects in your account, by not selecting any specific projects. Then any new projects will automatically show up in Jetboost.

IMPORTANT #2: If you sign into a different Webflow account than the one Jetboost was previously connected to, then Jetboost will no longer have access to any of the sites in the original Webflow account, and they will no longer appear in your Jetboost Dashboard.

Ok, so to reselect which sites Jetboost has access to, look for the button "Reconnect Webflow" in the sidebar of your dashboard, or simply click here.

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