My sites or boosters disappeared from my account

First, don't worry, your sites and boosters aren't lost forever!

If a site is no longer in your Jetboost dashboard, that means Jetboost no longer has access to that Webflow project. This occurs due to one of two reasons.

Webflow account changed

Jetboost is only able to connect to one Webflow personal/team account. So if you changed the Webflow account that Jetboost is connected to, it no longer has access to sites from the original Webflow account and they disappear from your dashboard.

To get your sites back, switch the connected Webflow account back to the original one.

Need to select all sites when adding a new one

Every time you change which sites Jetboost has access to, say when adding a new site, you must reselect all of the sites that you want in your Jetboost dashboard. More info.

Reselect all of the sites you want to have in your dashboard.

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