How do I use Jetboost on my custom domain?

To use Jetboost on custom domains, you will need to connect your domains from within Webflow, and also purchase a Jetboost subscription

Once you have connected a custom domain for your project within your project settings, Jetboost will automatically recognize this and display the domain underneath your staging URL in the project card in your dashboard. Once you've done that, you should see that you have a custom domain listed for that project within Jetboost along with extra toggles for each booster. 

Important: after completing the setup for each booster, you will need to toggle the "Custom" option on if you want that booster to work on your custom domain.

My custom domain doesn't show or disappeared in Jetboost?

There have been rare cases, where custom domains may not show once they've been connected or they were connected and all the sudden are gone. Not to worry. If that has happened to you, there is a process we can do to get Jetboost to recognize all the domains associated with your Webflow project.

  1. Simply click the "Add Booster" button on your project to create a new booster.

  2. Choose any Booster. It does not matter since we will be deleting it.
  3. You can return to the dashboard as the setup for that new booster is not necessary.
  4. By this point you should see all your custom domains available in Jetboost.
  5. You can now delete that new booster.

If for any reason that process has not worked for you, please reach out to with your projects Read-Only Link (please watch the entire short video) and we would be happy to look further into the issue for you.

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