Syncing a Client’s Jetboost Account to their Webflow Workspace as a Guest

Webflow now offers its users the possibility to invite other users, whether they’re freelance developers, content writers, designers etc, into their Workspace

If you’re a guest who’s been invited to work on a client’s project/website and already have access to their Jetboost account or you have created a Jetboost account on their behalf, then you may be wondering whether you are able to sync Jetboost to their Workspace or project?

The short answer is, yes you can. However, there are two ways to connect a Webflow project to Jetboost, only one of which we recommend if you are a Guest in the Workspace.

Option 1 (Not recommended ❌)

During the Webflow connection step, you are able to select and grant Jetboost access to an entire Workspace. Jetboost will then pull in all projects from that Workspace into Jetboost to establish a connection which is normal behavior. However, if you do this as a Guest, and the client eventually removes you from their Workspace, the connection from their Webflow account to Jetboost will be lost.

Option 2 (Recommended ✅)

The previous point is why, as a Guest, we recommend always selecting the specific project(s) you’re working on to establish a connection with. If you do this, once your job is finished with the client and they remove you from their Workspace, the connection will remain in sync and Jetboost will continue to function with no issues and without your client having to re-establish the connection.

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